04 Oct
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To give, or not to give? No question.

The other day I came up with an idea that really hit home: why not give a percentage of the purchase price of the app to a kids charity? This felt right in a lot of ways. One of the things that’s always been on my mind as I’m developing this app is: shouldn’t I really be volunteering in Africa or some other selfless task instead of (insert current activity here)? And of course, creating an iPad app, even though it’s for kids, even though it is trying to be different, trying to get the lazy little <plural pejorative> to use their brains a little more, well, it’s still an iPad app. Not targeting the most needy, really.

So this idea really felt right to me. I immediately started researching kids’ charities and soon thereafter found the one that was right: Save The Children. The American Institute of Philanthropy (described by the NYT as “the pit bull of watchdogs”)┬árated them an “A”, which mainly means that they spend almost all their donations on actually helping kids instead of raising money. Sure enough, Save the Children spends 90% of every donation on helping kids worldwide. Pretty cool. Plus they’ve got all these fancy “Artist Ambassadors”, like Julianne Moore, America Ferrera, Hugh Laurie. Who, by the way, is a really good author though I bet nobody even knew he’s written a book (“The Gun Seller”). Check it out; it’s for sale on Amazon. Of course, I’ve never seen an episode of House in my life. I’m sure it’s very good.

And, with a few minor digressions, ┬áthat’s the story of how we decided to give $1 of every purchase of “BallFallDown Deluxe” to Save the Children. Hopefully it’s not too crass, but it certainly makes me feel better about spending all my spare brain cycles working on this app, and hopefully it’ll make people feel slightly better about upgrading to the Deluxe version as well. Comments and complaints below, thanks.

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