10 Oct
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Open ended play

FlatPack was born from a few things: my interest in kids toys (despite a lack of any sort of manual or design skills), a feeling that the games available on the iPad and iPhone weren’t really that interesting (to me anyway), and I wasn’t that thrilled with my kids playing with them either. Oh yeah, and possibly a way to support the family. Well, a man can dream…

One thing that’s interested me is the question of what academic (and other) research says on this question of open ended play versus the kinds of childrens’ apps I see out there. Some of them are designed for kids, others not, but one way or another kids seem to end up playing with them, so I wondered what the effects were.

So I looked around and found someone to help me out with researching this question, and Aices really hit it out of the park. I originally asked her to just do some basic research on what the literature said, but she came back a week later with a full blown research paper with references and everything. And it was interesting stuff. I’ve always been skeptical of the “Baby Einstein” type of toy that you could give to your 6 month old and expect them to get into Harvard, but there does seem to be some evidence that these open-ended toys help with problem solving and creativity.

Please check out the Research page to see what Aices came up with.

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