07 Nov
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In this world, there’s two kinds of people…

and a billion ways to finish that sentence. Of course, my favorite is from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, but that’s not really relevant here, having neither guns nor shovels to discuss. What I am interested in are the results from our beta test, along with impromptu discussions from showing the app to friends, relatives, and random passers by.

The issue is one of levels, or points. People using the app appear to break down into people who like the app, but really miss having levels, or problems to solve, or points: really, having an objective of any sort. And then there are those who really like the absence of levels, points or problems, perhaps because there are too many of those in our everyday life. Our completely unscientific survey shows that kids seem to start wanting levels around 8 years of age (oddly, the same age as my daughter Serafina), while those at 6 years of age still are happy with the open-ended aspect (interestingly, my son Lucas just turned 6). So the transition for kids seems to happen somewhere in the 6-8 year range. For adults, it’s not clear. I can sit and watch the balls bouncing around all day, especially now that we’ve got a loop from our sound and music guy that is absolutely fantastic. Other people aren’t happy unless they can solve some problem, or get some points, or whatever.

So the question becomes: do we switch gears and look to find a way to incorporate levels or points somehow? Or do we stick to our guns and leave the app as-is, without any set objective? And I guess I was wrong at ┬áthe beginning of this post: we do have guns to discuss, the ones that we’re sticking with. And I guess people who want levels and points can dig all they want.

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