09 Dec
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And into the fire

The past few weeks have been a little stressful, what with the final testing and submission to the app store. There are lots of anecdotes about the app store submission process but nothing really prepares you for the deep dark unknowningness of submitting to Apple and staring at the “Waiting for Review” status. For. Nine. Days. Nine days of internal calculus such as: well, if they reject this version and we resubmit by next Tuesday, then they approve on the second go around, we’ll still be out in time for Christmas. And Apple doesn’t make it easier by sending daily messages about the fact that if you’re app isn’t for sale by the 23rd, then you will have to wait until they come back from vacation on the 28th.

I think I made it through all “five stages of app store emotions” (apologies to Kübler-Ross):

  1. Denial: it’ll fly through the review process in record time (Days 1-5 )
  2. Anger: WTF? Why can’t Apple just let us know where we are in line (Days 6-7 )
  3. Bargaining: Send an email to Apple  ”Hey guys, where are we in the queue?” (Day 7 )
  4. Depression: We’re doomed. It’s waiting for Godot. (Day 8 )
  5. Acceptance: Whatever. Nothing we can do anyway. (Day 9)

By the way, Apple did respond to my Day 7 email…. after the app had been approved. Very nice email though “Your app shows as ready for sale, etc.”

However, having been approved yesterday, and here we are on Day 10. We’ve decided to launch on Tuesday, December 14th.  Tell your friends!

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