10 Mar
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New and Noteworthy!

Noteworthy? Well, we like to think so. New? Maybe not so much… but we’ll take it!

So I noted that the Google analytics on this website seemed a little off last Thursday night, but couldn’t find any posts linking back to us. Friday morning, I woke up expecting the usual dismal downloads and… we were above 150 downloads! For BallFallDown Deluxe, our $2.99 app. Something was definitely up. It took me a moment, then I went to the app store…because what will drive downloads? Pretty much nothing like getting featured by Apple.
And sure enough, there was BallFallDown Deluxe, front and center in the “New and Noteworthy” section. Note that this was 2 1/2 months after our initial launch, so clearly Apple interprets “New” fairly liberally. Anyway, so began a rollercoaster of a week. After some discussion with the rest of the team, we decided that the best thing to do was to have a sale and see if we could boost our numbers until the iPad2 launch (now tomorrow!). A good call, as it turned out.

Of course, we were going camping at the beach that weekend, so I packed up the iPad (good call to get the 3G version…) and my laptop (in case there were any errant wi-fi networks around), our camping gear, the family, and as luck would have it, UPS arrived with my surfracks at the very last minute (we actually had to flag down the UPS guy in the street, and went back to the house for the third time to strap the board to the roof). And off we went.

The weekend was one of my better ones, with a visit to a private zoo, an awesome campsite right on the river (though don’t get me started on campsite culture, or lack thereof), a solo surf session culminating in gale force winds and whitecaps, a visit to an awesome civil war fort replete with re-enactors (from the Union!) and me constantly hitting the “Top charts” link in the App Store. The rest of our group was amused to watch our gradual rise to the top 10 over the weekend accompanied by a more and more incredulous and freaked out Paul. By Monday morning we topped out at #3, and it was a slow but steady drop to #10 today when Apple put the new “New and Noteworthy” crowd into the store and we were forced out into the cold, harsh wilderness of non-featured apps.

It was very interesting to go from a despondent attitude towards our little App (why doesn’t anyone love us?) to a full blown reload frenzy, freaking out at every bad review and rejoicing at the good ones (and there were some really awesome ones). I even created a Google spreadsheet to help calculate the weighted average of the ratings to see how many more 5 stars we needed for that additional half star average. Needless to say, I’m a little more optimistic about things now.

Anyway, thanks Apple! Right now, it appears that Gameloft’s $0.99 sale (and I’m sure EA has one in the wings) is going to nuke us little guys from the charts since we are down to 20.. no make that 22… Anyway, it should be interesting to see how we fare in the coming week.

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