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Our story…

I’ve loved old style construction toys my whole life. Marble runs, Legos®, you name it. Sure, I grew up with computers and computer games, but as I got older, those got less interesting. But the classic toys never grew old (though I’ve definitely started to!).

I’d seen the game apps on all those “smart” phones, but those never seemed that compelling to me. The smarts all seemed to be in the phone, not in the user. When the iPad came out, it seemed like all the games on that were just bigger versions of those smartphone games. Something was missing. Then I realized that with the amazing high definition screen on the iPad, along with the intuitive interface and multi-touch gestures, you could actually build things on the iPad in ways that were never before possible, ways that used the same intuitive motions that we use everyday to build things.

When I saw my son Lucas playing with the (excellent) Koi Pond app, not just pointing at the fish and splashing around in the normal pond view, but instead playing for hours in the pond construction screen where you build your pond, that’s when it really hit home.  He didn’t care that he wasn’t earning any points,  solving puzzles, or beating high scores. All he wanted to do was build his pond.

I looked around for other people who understood what I was trying to do and have gotten incredibly lucky to find a team of people who really get it. Now, together we’re giving kids the tools they need to “build their ponds”. There aren’t any points or levels, no high scores, no winning or losing. There’s just the same creative construction as the classic, real world toys. And they’re fun enough so that adults can play with them too!

We hope our apps will inspire kids to play with the real world toys that inspired us, which is why we’ve posted links to a number of online toy stores who we think have the same idea.

Why “FlatPack”?

It captures the idea that these are really three dimensional toys, but “flattened” into the iPad. And just like the flatpack furniture that you might bring home from Ikea™, it’s “some assembly required”.

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Paul Zimmer, Founder