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BallFallDown Deluxe was rated #1 in Entertainment and #3 iPad Overall!

It’s the first app of its kind so we’re kind of excited about it and we think you will be too. Developed with help from early childhood education specialists as well as particle physicists (OK, they’re our friends and were just beta-testing, but still), it’s based on the classic marble run toy, updated with exciting new options only possible on an iPad. We’ve worked for months on tweaking BallFallDown so that all the interactions are intuitive enough for a 2 year old to figure out, including things like rotation, lengthening and shortening, dragging pieces around the play area, and much more. In addition, we’ve come up with some great new ideas that haven’t quite been sorted out in current marble run games, such as teleporters that can beam your balls across the play area, ball spouts, and many other things, pinball flippers and lots more.

It’s the first open-ended construction toy for the iPad. But not the last!