Stuff We Like

Stuff we like, or want, or would like to want…

Most of these toys are, unfortunately, not currently owned by us. But they remind us of the toys we had back when we were young. or wished we had. Or just wished that they existed!

CONTRAPTIONS: How do we want these? Let us count the ways. Um… 200. Seriously, how could you possibly resist spending probably an entire afternoon playing with this? You’re 35? So? This is one for adults and kids alike – we dare you not to be impressed. You might even take it away from your kid…or play it in the middle of the night on the kitchen floor while they’re sleeping… Why not tempt yourself a bit and unleash that inner kid? Go on – click on the lovely picture to the left and have a closer look at the awesomeness.

GOOBI MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION SET: We have these, and love them. The coolest thing about them: you can make things where the only connection is two balls and spin them around. Very fun. Make your very own tower, or vehicle, or buy several sets and create all your furniture from scratch. Okay, maybe not that last one – but they’re certainly versatile and incredibly fun. If you want your own set (and let’s face it, you probably do) float on over to the site via the image over there and get one. It can be this week’s indulgence…

CONNECTAGONS: These look pretty cool. They’re so psychedelic they’d make The Beatles blush – even at the height of flower power. Bell bottoms aside, these things are extremely fun: create enormous modern art sculptures on your dining room table or play the “guess what it is” game with your four year old. Actually let’s face it – that game can be pretty fun for adults too. Anyway – if all else fails, your colorful construction will scare away any stray Blue Meanies, evil spirits or persistent government agents who happen to come around. Get your handy set right now but clicking – you guessed it – on that lovely picture right there!

ZOOB CAR DESIGNER KIT: Remember the days you used to sit around as a teen, drawing out plans for your “dream car” on a piece of lined notepad paper? No more borrowing dad’s pens with this piece of kit! Okay, so it’s meant to be for the kids but come on – they didn’t have this when we were young – ergo we’re entitled to a piece of the action too. Build up to twelve different “ZOOBMobiles” and take over the world with your mad vehicular design skills! Want three sets of wheels, on top of one another? No problem. You can have the gnarliest car on the block. Inside the house, at least. Link’s on the left. We won’t look, we promise.

EIFFEL TOWER: We’re feeling a song coming on – a song about Paris in the springtime… In all seriousness though (well, as serious as we get around here) this model is something else. With 32 pieces, it’s a bit like a 3D puzzle – complete with blueprints. Train your children to be engineers and architects in the comfort of your own home; then gaze longingly at the finished article after they’ve gone to bed, wishing it were the real thing… They have the Empire State Building for sale too. You can rule the earth – in miniature. It’s not even very expensive – check it out!

BUILD IT: Just what it sounds like. Got an idea? Want to build the next version of the space shuttle but weren’t sure where to find the components? Look no further – your dream has arrived in the form of colorful bits and pieces you can attach together using wrenches and other powerful tools! If you’re feeling really generous you could also let your kids play with the set as well… If you’re dying to give it a shot and win awards for your (or yes, your kid’s) creativity, why not take a look at Build It up close by following that handy link we put there especially for you!

CHAOS TOWER: There’s no way the wife would allow this in the house, but if she did, then we’d have one in the house. Heck – we might even secretly build a hidden room, just so we can get one of these. It’s the most exuberant construction toy we’ve ever seen: you can build it up over six feet tall! Chains, motors, clever little stunt pieces: it’s just a dream come true. You’ll spend hours conducting inventory of the pieces once playtime is done. But wait – will playtime ever be done? Good question – buy one and find out – we’ll live vicariously through you!

MEGA-MOTORIZED MARBLE RUN: What more needs to be said? It’s a marble run with a motor. A MOTOR! It has a marble elevator. A marble ELEVATOR! Dress ‘em up in furs and send ‘em on ‘eir way – this is a marble run for VIP marbles: save the really shiny, really interesting ones for this set! This is the marble run straight from your childhood dreams. If you woke up on Christmas morning and found this in an over-sized stocking at the foot of your bed, your jaw would probably fall straight off your face. Share the magic – get one sent to your home: you know you want to.

BLOCK BUDDIES: Like weights for your body, these blocks are training for the mind! Twenty-one different blocks turn into a whopping seventy-six puzzles. We can’t say enough about wooden blocks: they may be simple, but they’re so versatile. Get that tea set out and have a lunchtime meeting with your little one about the various block designs. Build new buddies of your own! The possibilities are endless. This is such a great game to play with your kids – whether they’re really young or a little bit older. Even the baby can join in! Want a set? Order it by clicking on the left!

TEACHING TALKING CASH REGISTER: Teach them the value of money very early and populate your house with cute, miniature accountants. “Dad, that car is too expensive!” and “Mom, are you sure we can really afford this new sofa?” will become the new dialog in your home. Grocery shopping will become a matter of what’s most economical, as your children tot up the prices on the shelves and draw comparisons between on and off brand items… Well okay – maybe not, but still, this cash register might help them keep track of pocket money! Take a closer look at it by following the link in the picture.


PARKING GARAGE: This is just such a great accessory if you have a little dude – or gal – who enjoys playing with cars, or indeed, if you enjoy playing with cars! After all, they need somewhere to park, don’t they? It’s a quality toy – well made, nice and solid. Indulge your young motorist with this on a special occasion – or just for fun. You won’t be disappointed and neither will they! Link’s on the left for a closer look…

MULTI-ACTIVITY TABLE: You’ve seen them around in public places and hospital waiting rooms and if you haven’t played on one yet, you’ve probably been thinking about it. A table like this is so useful – nice deep edges keep the toys on the top, so that Fido doesn’t chew them up. That 1000 piece puzzle they’ve been focusing on for so long is much less likely to get swept off onto the floor and Play-Doh sculptures (and your carpet) are protected fabulously well. All in all, it’s just a plain ol’ good idea to get one of these for your home. If you agree, why not visit the link in the image and get one shipped to you right now?